Brewhouse Co

The Brand

Brewhouse Coffee + Bar’s essence is very organic, fresh and sophisticated. We want the client to have a cozy feeling when coming in and just to have a good and pleasing aesthetic.

Target Audience

Our target audience consists in students, specifically with a medium to higher income, young adults and recent graduates. So our main client would be Rachel, she is a university graduate, currently working for an Advertising agency and just made Art Director, she is a traveled person and enjoy doing her extra work in ‘cool’ coffee shops, like the Brewhouse. She likes rotating coffee shops every week so she doesn’t get bored and often goes out for drinks with co- workers or friends. Rachel likes to travel and is a social-media user, specially Instagram, where she loves posting about her mornings and nights at different coffee shops and bars. She is a gym goer and loves Yoga, she has an interest in fashion and therefore likes shopping and dressing herself well.

The Products

Our products range from Coffee and alcoholic drinks – with bakery and bistro items in the menu. We offer beverages like Espressos, Cold Brew’s, different types of normal and iced teas, and also offer alcoholic beverages like a variety of wines, and craft beers. Our plate selection will include three very well though meals and appetizers that will go perfectly with the choice of one of our beverages.

Visuals – Digital Workflow

There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing to be part of our neighbourhood favorite cofee shop. You’re invited to complete a purchase in any preferred section.

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