Finalist for campaign pitch to RMHC program | March 2020

My Team:

Sarah Cresswell – Account Manager,

Jordyn Ferreira – Art Direction,

Sofia Leme – Art Direction,

Sidney Brownell – Graphic Design

Campaign: Be The Hero In Someone’s Else Story

The ultimate objective is to identify RMHC as a fundamental resource for helping sick children. The campaign strives to unveil how families could come and stay together throughout the charity for their sick kids.

“Be The Hero In Someone’s Else Story” posters

The Big Idea

Although children are never too scared to embrace uncertainties and fears, by having their parents close by, they’re able to succeed in anything more than they thought to be possible.

Kids are everlasting superheroes. The truth? They brighten with their parents as a team.
Ronald McDonald House keeps making that happen.

“Be The Hero In Someone’s Else Story” Storyboard