Don’t Let The Kids Win
Air Transat Kids Club Promotional Extension

The Air Transat Kids Club program welcomes, and for free, kids aged 2 to 11 by filling out an online registration form. That's what it takes to be part of the club!

“Don’t Let The Kids Win” posters

The Big Idea

Sure, travelling with kids is hard, but it’s loads of fun too. The survey asked parents: “When thinking about a child’s comfort and wellbeing, at what age should children be before they can go on a domestic or international flight holiday with their parents?”. The results have us shook. By these stats, are we expected to not fly with our young ones? Air Transat aims to change this overall perception of flying with kids by providing several advantages through becoming a kids club member.

“Don’t Let The Kids Win” interactive experience

Above all, don’t let the kids win, register, and relax.

On-board surprises to make air travel fun, priority baggage handling, stroller gate delivery service, and much more!

Welcome on-board kids!

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