The One Club’s creative brief finalist selected out of a class of 20, collaborating as an art director alongside a copywriter | 2019.

Collaborated with Angela Brock – Copywriter

Campaign: Get Real

By using Vans Pro Classics you become closer to being a pro. There is a real connection to be made between young people/hobbyists and professionals. Vans Pro Classics are the ticket to outlasting practice sesh and the constant trials it takes to make it as a “real” skater. Vans Pro Classics connect you to real skaters, and are how you “get real.”

Core skaters are in skate parks – let’s reach them when they’re already practicing and skateboarding, filming themselves and friends — phones out.

The Big Idea

Augmented Reality app that shows pro skaters doing tricks in the same spot you’re skating in (participating skate parks across the country). AR connects people digitally in an augmented experience only others in their community can see (think Pokemon Go and #UNIGNORABLE campaign for United Way).

“Get Real” Digital App + AR Features

Users of the app will experience pro skaters amongst them as though they are peers. They learn about the shoes through the perspective of their heroes. How they give them an edge. Highlighting the fact that they were created with skaters for skaters.

Footage of you can become part of the media in the app.

You become one of the pros/legends.

You can share the content you create with custom Instagram filters featuring a Vans Pro watermark and the hashtag “#NewLegends”, knitting together the content aesthetically and the concept of inviting the new generation of skaters into Vans’ iconic history.