Campaign: Keep Track of Them

This campaign aims to boost awareness about the meaningful impact of the GPS Tracker from Tractive has on pet owners’ lives.

“Keep Track of Them” posters

The Big Idea

Any pet lover would love to learn more about the Tractive GPS Dog LTE and its perks into any and each pet owners, from the laziest to the most active one. The direct mail idea would expand the campaign by directly reaching potential pet owners, encouraged to be offered a free GPS Tracker and attend a challenge in Downtown Toronto.

“Keep Track of Them” Direct Mail Idea

Tractive Truck Challenge – Downtown Toronto

Trucks are an excellent way to connect directly with consumers. Shoppers are more likely to respond better when they are allowed to experience a product in-person, rather than being pushed to make a purchase.

“Keep Track of Them” AR Feature, Sticker Guerrilla Marketing Idea

The AR feature is accessible by:

Launching the AR feature on the app.

Following the interactive path.

Scanning the app sticker e-logo.

Keep Track of Them” Challenge

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