Campaign: One Shirt One Purpose

#OneShirtOnePurpose is a movement that aims to boost up awareness about the meaningful impact that Uniqlo customers could play when dealing with kids and their well-being.

Above all, it takes just one wearable T-shirt to be part of it.

“One Shirt One Purpose” posters

The Big Idea

It takes just one tee. Uniqlo welcomes its customers who would be willing to exchange any no longer needed clothing for just a smile. More than 2 billion kids from countries such as Asia and Africa have already revealed appreciation towards Uniqlo’s aim to bring purpose in those children and women’s lives since 2012 thanks to the “Clothes For Smiles” program. With this campaign and the relative brand extension, customers would think back to their no longer needed clothing for something much more beautiful and powerful than a wardrobe leftover.

“One Shirt One Purpose” In-Store Gift idea

“One Shirt One Purpose” Direct Mail idea

“It Takes Just One“ Social Media Campaign

Facebook Video

It takes only one of your Uniqlo clothing gear to unlock the true purpose of smiling. Join the movement #OneShirtOnePurpose to inspire more than 2 billion kids to smile again.

It Takes Just One Shirt, One Purpose.

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