VOL. ME – Compact Disc Case (Vinyl)

The Vol.Me it’s genuinely me, what I’m deeply passionate about, in other words, it’s my purpose as a designer and creative artist. While sketching and listening to one of my favorite songs “Synesthesia” from Andrew McMahon, I’ve been particularly inspired by one chorus of the lyrics. Just like someone who “has never been to Mars or written a gold record”, through each creative piece I see myself in the same imaginary scenario. As a designer, I see design principles as music lyrics. Each design creation is a unique combination of palettes that come together to create empowering, vibrant final pieces. Just like a synesthete, I see music as color. Each song is a unique combination of color tones that come together to create something beautiful.

Dieline | Spot Color – Varnish Matte

BUSINESS CARD – Z-Fold (3-Panel Accordian Fold)

The Z Fold Business Card it’s the result of a design perception. There’s nothing more intriguing than combining my portfolio pieces to achieve the desired execution. The designed patterns in the back of the fold are achieved thanks to five distinctive palettes mixed in different shapes and sizes, which it’s the most reflective idea of how each skill it’s matched with each other in terms of dedication and effort. The Client Services are respectively offered in the following order, figuring them out as an EP tracklist. Concerning the first promotional piece concept (Compact Vinyl Case), both logo and illustrations have been used with the same ultimate approach, because of the opportunity to design two complementary pieces to be showcased together.

Spot Color | Spot Color – Varnish Matte | Z-Fold