WHIZ+ App – Social Good Campaign

There’s no denying that digital technology has enhanced our daily lives. In 2020, instant communication is effortlessly achieved across the globe, and we have immediate access to a never-ending stream of information and entertainment.

“ParticipACTION – WHIZACTIV” posters

The Big Idea

Intimately reach the target audience and raise awareness about the positives achieved by overcoming toxic technological habits. The ultimate goal could be summarized by authentically support teens throughout an alternative approach when dealing with technology.

The main message it’s accomplished within a positive image of exercising and meditation.

“Your body gets smarter. Prove it to yourself”.

The objective of this public awareness campaign is to appeal to Canadian teens and motivate them to replace their unhealthy habits with change. We hope to encourage teens to pick up a device for a better cause because we know we can’t deter them away from technology. By creating a fun and informative app, we hope to inspire them about mental health awareness and challenge them to be better people themselves, mentally and physically.

ParticipACTION – WHIZACTIV” Social Media Marketing Strategy

This campaign is unique when compared to the client’s previous campaigns because instead of trying to solve the problem by trying to remove them from the technology, it is instead informing them to want to use technology to become better inside and out.

“ParticipACTION – WHIZ+” Digital App (Info Kit)

Overall, by boosting awareness about such a meaningful effort to start getting our body “smarter”, we aim to see more and more teens becoming spokespeople of the WHIZ+ app.

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