Campaign: Young Forever

This campaign is developed to create a more powerful and active brand, that would increase marketing & advertising outreach to the target audience and other women with a pursuit to “staying young forever“. Similarly, while driving higher sales for online and in-store and increasing and bringing awareness to OOH advertising about the renewed and stylish Reitmans.

“Young Forever” posters

The Big Idea

The audience can potentially relate to the campaign by becoming aware of the changes and improvements Reitmans has accomplished.

The new repositioning aims to bring a sense of a new trend with a more juvenile, energetic, and iconic vibe that doesn’t put a limit on “staying young forever.”

Animated video, in-store billboards, mobile print billboards for the TTC buses or subway, and a broadcast commercial video are effectively adopted for this campaign.

“Young Forever” New Store Concept

The inspiration behind this campaign fits with Reitmans’ lack of OOH advertising. The feel and look of their newly decorated stores in selected malls it’s massive, and the repositioning points out to mimic the online platforms but with a fiery twist.

The creative direction addresses to create a clean, fun and personalized look for the campaign.

“Young Forever” Interactive Experiential Prototype

This campaign aspires to be a success because it is new, trendy and can relate to the target audience and would be a great source to increase awareness and sales. The campaign call-to-action will persuade the target audience because it communicates to them, it’s clear, it grabs their attention, and it’s intriguing.